Tuesday, March 24, 2015

Solr + Glass = Castle Windsor Crashers?

(I know the title isn't technically true...don't judge me!)

I think it's safe to say most of us Sitecore developers are using some form of ORM these days, right? ...Right? :)

Of course you are, and – most likely – that means you are using Glass Mapper. Probably, you are also using Castle Windsor as your choice of Inversion of Control. You could use some other IoC, but there's a NuGet package that makes incorporating Castle Windsor + Glass into your Visual Studio solution quite easy.

So what if you read my series on Solr and were inspired to use it for Sitecore? Solr also requires an IoC. As I mentioned here, you may choose from Castle Windsor, AutoFac, Ninject, StructureMap, and Unity. It seems only natural to stick with the same IoC as Glass. Common sense says don't add more moving parts than necessary.

And this is why common sense isn't always common or sensible. The moment you deploy your Glass dependent (and thus Castle Windsor dependent) code to your Sitecore instance, you are going to be treated to some ugly YSODs. The issue is that Glass wants to use a higher version of Castle Windsor (3.2) than your Solr-enabled Sitecore instance; it wants version 3.1.

Luckily the fix is relatively painless. We are going to instruct .NET to redirect bindings of earlier versions of Castle.Core and Castle.Windsor to our later version. All you need to do is add the following section to your web.config:


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