Sunday, February 1, 2015

MongoDB University Course for .NET Developers

Given that MongoDB is an integral part of Sitecore's xDB architecture starting with Sitecore 7.5, it stands to reason that our clients and colleagues will look to us, the Sitecore experts, for guidance. So what can us mere mortals who aren't already NoSQL experts do to prepare ourselves? Enroll in a course taught by NoSQL experts, of course!

Now, I know what you might be thinking, "Online courses are of limited value." And, normally, I'm right there with you. The quality of the material on offer from MongoDB University is truly worth the investment of your time, however. The only catch was none of the courses on offer were tailored for .NET developers. Last year I decided to dive in anyway with the Node.js course -- it's excellent, of course -- but just recently MongoDB University has expanded their course catalog with something for us .NET folks! Be prepared to devote several hours a week, and in return you will get a solid foundation on which to build solutions ranging from CRUD, to schema design, to performance tuning and application engineering.


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